The Vision

We deliver a sensory appeal to the five apertures of collective reality, our craft is the alchemical product of crash-fusion, an amalgam of applied artistry explored through technological mastery and immersive crowd engagement.

The opportunity for growth in a moment of perceived challenge or chaos.


We offer a variety of engaging performances and services to take things to the next level. From award winning aerialists to bleeding edge technology.

  • Aerial

    Fire trapeze, harness, silks, lyra and custom aerial Apparatus’.

  • Acrobatics

    Ground acrobatics, hand balancing, tumbling and Parkour.

  • Flow & Fire

    Hooping, flow and fire performances, juggling, unicycle and other unique skills and variety acts.

  • Dance

    Hip hop, african, tap, sacred dance, single and multiple character choreography.

  • Crowd engagement

    Roaming bands of character actors, live painters, comedic engagers or interactive facilitators.

  • Technical

    Live video mapping, animation, interactivity and customized displays or environments.

The Talent

An orchestrated aggregate of artists and trade masters found sparkling in the rough, Crash is a multi-disciplinary collective that many accomplished creators call home.  We are the storytellers of the now, the question-askers, creating intentional experiences exploring the relationship between the real-time real-life questions and challenges, universal constants, and the world of the imagination and the sacred .

Imparting our skills to our environments in life and art, and using technology as a tool to illustrate this place between worlds, we are the teachers, existing in the balance between empowerment and humility.  We are the non-conformists, the sacred clowns, and the butterfly, transmuted.  Our network reaches across the globe and our expression, across the universe.

Our Productions

Sensory appeal to the five apertures of collective reality, our craft is the alchemical product of crash-fusion, an amalgam of applied artistry explored through technological mastery and immersive crowd engagement.

Crash’s productions and installations amplify concept essence, affording the opportunity to not only connect with but inspire audiences, transforming impression into retention, with experiences they will emphatically share for years to come.

From custom-crafted projects refracting core concepts into brand focused campaigns to an impressive current catalog of hyper-real installations, Crash Alchemy consistently furnishes avant-pop experiences, narrating strong and memorable stories as we “Crash” perceived barriers between audience and presentation.


A new crowd-interactive performance by Crash Alchemy

Join us for a mind-bending experience about our choices, where the audience pilots the direction of the show between each scene. No two shows will ever be the same…. You, the audience, is getting Twisted… Using dance, acrobatics, flow and movement paired with custom video content, sensor- based visuals and interactive lighting effects, and alternative projection techniques and surfaces to bridge the space between real life and our imagination and examine the reasons and effects of our choices.

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Thursday, Nov 19th

Art Outside Discount Night with Xenoglossya

Friday, Nov 20th

with CAPYAC, Slooom & Amanda Gregory

Saturday, Nov 21st

Featuring Raby

Sunday, Nov 22nd

with Bourgeois Mystics & Amanda Gregory

Current Installation : The Spires

The Spires at SXSW and available Spring 2015

The Spires are a collection of 5 custom-designed laser-cut internally lit structures, with a multitude of possibilities.   Originally created as an environment for performance and music programming, the Spires can be used indoors or outdoors to define space, as an interactive installation, an entire stage or environment, or all three!

Using wireless DMX and Midi controlled with an intuitive laser-cut console, participants can affect lighting and sound of the entire structure by moving their hands through the air, or the lighting can be patched in to an existing DMX system and board.

These incredible structures premiered at Art Outside 2014, and became an iconic image of the Electronic Stage Area.  The Spires are on display for SXSW Eco Light Garden 2015, March 15 – 22 at Republic Square Park in Austin, and are on track for a Festival Tour Spring and Summer 2015.

For booking inquiries, please contact Nick at interactive@crashalchemy.com


Colin Cactus Bath – Lead Design, Fabrication
Aaron Lobdell – Design, Lead Structural Design, Fabrication
Marcus Swagger – Project Manager, Design, Fabrication
Agent Red – Executive Producer, Design & Concept
Nick Moser – Associate Producer, Production Manager, Booking
Daniel Schaeffer – Lighting & Interactive Design